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Standard Balloon Systems

Aerostar Envelopes:
Aerostar's innovative group of envelope designs offers a wide range of component choices to allow you to customize a balloon system to fit your needs. Choose from the "Aurora", "Horizon", "Rally", or "Aero" systems to get exactly the right combination of size, design, price, and components that you want!




Aerostar Baskets:
With safety features including marine grade plywood floors, oak skid plates, aircraft grade stainless steel superstructure or Aeroflex upright system, padded leather or suede rails and steel reinforced steps, the Aerostar family of baskets is unparalleled in design, performance and quality!

Aurora Stretch
Classic II

Classic Limited
Classic Ltd. Stretch
Classic XII

Aerostar's Zone 5 Burners have set new standards in the world of ballooning. Technical innovations have resulted in increased power, less noise, tighter flame alignment, and full self-centering gimballing to make these burner systems the best performers ever! An optional "Glow Burner" feature is also available for dramatic results at nighttime events.
Zone 5 Dual Burner
Zone 5 Triple Burner

For pricing on Aerostar Standard Balloon Systems and further information on buying your own balloon system,
call 877-359-2345 or email
Above & Beyond.